Stunning landscapes and adrealize at its purest form. These are the essential elements for those who want literally to lose themself in the inland-part of Diano Marina: maybe with a nice free-ride bike, maybe with a mountain bike and for the road runners, with a racing bycicle. The chances of having fun in our inland are truly countless; not only for athletes, but also for beginners who want to discover a new sport to understand how it feels to challenge themselves in a hard climbing or in a single track in the unspoilt nature.
Our itineraries are well-known: starting from Via Armetta in the "Lucus Bormani"(an ancient and wild Ligurian forest) or the Ciapa's downhills, the parc of the close and characteristic village of Cervo. A little preview of our most funny and famous itineraries follows by:

Cervo's antennas (Le antenne di Cervo)
Perfect for mountain bike and free-ride lovers. We are talking of a ring-circuit inside the CiapĂ  park, suitable for both experts and beginners. Uphill dirt roads and single tracks form this itinerary; but, at the same time, for not-so expert riders, a road paved street together with large downhill paths can be the easiest and safest alternative in order to reach the top. The park is however the favourite spot for free-riders: along the circuit are in fact lots of ramps that allow big jumps into the empty. With a great background: the gulf of Diano Marina.

The bench tour (Il giro delle panchine)
For roads and beautiful landscapes lovers, a tour of the whole valley of San Bartolomeo al Mare is the best solution. Going through the Chiappa valley, you can reach the small villages of Tovetto, Tovo, Villa, Deglio, Riva Faraldi, heading then back to the seaside for a total distance of 20 Kms that can be covered without much difficulty.

The Hill (Il Poggio)
Who isn't familiar with the famous Milano-Sanremo competition? And above all, who hasn't dreamt of retracing the performances of great italian champions such as Coppi, Bartali, Pantani, Basso, Cipollini and our Celestino?? From Diano Marina to Sanremo, the most trained cyclists could feel the efforts of these amazing bikers of the past and of the present again. Capo Berta, il Poggio: two of the most challenging uphills in the whole competition...easy there to find out who is the thoughest!

The backboard (Il Tabellone)
From Diano Marina to Diano Evigno riding your mountain bike. Only the most well-trained bikers will reach the top! Non-stop ups and downs, single tracks, fast dirt roads, steep gravel uphills, mule tracks and finally the backboard (il tabellone): here a decision has to be taken.Someone's strong enough to go up to the mountain top (il Pizzo), someone may continue towards Imperia and someone may turn back home on a road paved's your choice...but from the mountain top the view is certainly gorgeous!

San Lorenzo al mare - Sanremo
Noteworthly is surely the amazing promenade that links San Lorenzo al Mare to Sanremo.
Quite easy for bike-professionals and definitely funny for families and children, being a very safe area.

These are only a few of the itineraries that a biker can make. It is possible to ask for further information at the receptions of our campings; our inland offers many other alternatives our staff will be pleased to inform you about. It is moreover possible to book guided excursions and get brochures.



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